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About your team:

Robert Miller

Director of Operations

I have enjoyed the last 17 years taking photographs of everything from the simple flower to a running kid. The big change in taking this from a hobby to where it is now is that I learned that many people take photographs and can use photographs for more than just to take beautiful shots, but of businesses, events, and even interaction.

From a business perspective, I have invested the last 18 years building a career in business management, development, and advisory within the technology and financial services.

With a Bachelors in Business Administration and a Bachelors in Information Systems and currently sitting on the board of Veteran related non-profits, I know I can share, build and is always looking to share my experiences with my customers.

Jeff Smith

Director of Business Services

Jeff, an accomplished business specialist with over 15 years of success with Hewlett Packard, Intel Corporation and Wells Fargo including; mergers and acquisitions, direct and indirect sales and management, B2B consulting, quality control auditing, and long range strategic planning and implementation. He believes in family and for everyone to seek their full potential.

With his wealth of experience, Jeff is not only able to look at challenges as opportunities, but as ways to better himself and others.

About Us

About us

Robert Miller Studios was started as a full service photography studio specializing in leveraging the artistic side of photography to incorporate into the daily consumers life. In the past 8 years we have expanded our services to meet the needs of small businesses in our community. I have found that just like me there were more things to do and less resources to do them with. We quickly found that what people were looking for was a face and a name to partner with to get quality and creative help in branding and socializing of their business.

In 2014 we officially launched a real estate photography business servicing the greater Albuquerque area as well as expanded our business marketing and branding service to not only include graphic design and photography, but now offer services ranging from email marketing to market strategy. Our team has many years of service and we look forward to meeting you.